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Importance of Color Combination for bedroom walls

How color combination for bedroom walls is so Important.

Color combination for bedroom walls plays a vital role in Interior Design & Decoration, specially in case when you do the Interior Designing for bedroom walls.

As you know that bedroom always stands very personal for anybody, where a he / she wants some peace, energy and happy sleep after finishing long day hard work.

So while choosing color combination for bedroom, an extreme care is always expected.

Because, Color combination has the major contribution in Interior Design Principles.

….Lets has a look to the different aspects and dais of color in Interior Designing.

Color is an international visual language understood by all so when you’re trying to communicate or transmit something through interior design, there’s no better way to do it than through color.

In order to do that, you need to understand how colors behave, how they change their character and how they influence our mood.

Use of color Wheel in Interior Designing.

Using color wheel – The Basics

color combination

In interior design however, there are some basics you need to know when using a color wheel.

  • Complementary colors: These are colors or hues that are directly opposite to each other on the color wheel, like blue & orange or yellow & violet. Complementary colors are usually used as accent colors in small quantities.
  • Triads: Triads form a triangle on the color wheel, like yellow, blue & red; or orange, green & violet. These colors can also be used as accent colors, but they must be balanced. If not, they can overwhelm a room.
  • Analogous Colors: These are groups of color that are right beside each other on the color wheel, like red, orange and red/orange.
  • Monochromatic Colors: Keeping it simple, this is the use of only one color, but in shades from dark to light, like navy to powder blue.
  • Cool and warm colors: Cool and warm colors are typically used to create a mood in a room. Cool colors are blues, greens & purples, while warm colors are reds’ oranges, yellows and pinks.
  • Non-Colors: Non-Colors aren’t found on the color wheel, but still play a very important role in interior design. Non-colors are the greys, beiges, browns, whites & blacks.

Color Psychology in Interior Designing for bedroom walls

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Because color affects people in very different ways, depending on gender, age, background, and climate, it is best to begin by asking some basic questions about the room you are decorating.

  • What feeling do you want the color to evoke? For example, in a kitchen you might want to increase appetite & energy. In a living room; calmness & peace. Maybe you want to add mystery to a bedroom, or energy to a drawing room interior decoration.
  • What will the room are used for? Is the space private or public, & how much of the space will be used? Is the intent of the room for work or to relax?
  • How much light & what kind of light will be used? Is there natural lighting available in the space, or are iridescent or ambient the only light sources? It matters, because depending on the light source, color can appear drastically different. It is always best to test the paint in both natural and artificial light prior to committing to a specific color.
  • What kind of accents will be used in the room?
  • Will you use bold accents in the space, or patterns & texture?
  • Will you add an accent wall?
  • Accents can warm up or cool down a space.
  • They can add personality, bring out energy, and make a room modern. And because of their flexibility, they should bring out the personal style and taste of the home owner.

For better color combination you can try using the color wheel & remember complementary and triad colors when choosing accent colors.

The above mentioned traits and the psychology attached with the colors are some basic points which will still remain the same with new ideas & trends.

“While exploring your knowledge it should also be shared a little’’… This says that if you share your ideas & reasons behind using the color scheme to the client it will help to make them understand how convincing is your selection & theme.

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