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5 Things that make a room from Good to Great…..!

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Interior Design tips & Tricks to makeover old rooms

Without any change for a long time can make a room monotonous and dull. And then you start thinking about doing something which can transform your place to a refreshing and beautiful one.

But this urge of yours will remain clueless as if from where to start ??

So …

Here are some key points which will guide you and help you to know what you exactly need to change over a room.

Color Selection:

Color plays an important and vital role in each and every aspects in Interior designing.

 whether it is the selection of right shade of wall, curtains, bed covers or the rugs.

A room can give an impact of cool and light feel with bright and light color of walls.

Soothing colors played with cushions and pillows can give a room comfy and warm feel.

Right colored textile will make a bedroom or drawing room livelier.

In the interior of a bedroom pillow, bed covers and curtains light up the room.

Gel together the colors of these entire textiles and see the magic.

Little effort and wiser choice can change the look completely.

So trust your interior Designer and let them play with colors.

Removal of clutter:

“An organize clutter is still a clutter”…

This means that you should always be clear about what is your necessity and requirement.

It is very easy to become clutter blind.

We should use the space in a room but it should be kept in mind that it wouldn’t convert into pile of things.

Empty or mostly empty storage creates the psychological impression that a home is bigger.

Find Suitable Furniture:

To make a room more spacious use the space in such a manner that it can fill the unused spaces and give you a perfect blend of storage and space.

Sometimes a low height sitting at the window corner gives a comfy feeling and use up the unutilized area.

Give space to your room and select such furniture that gives a storage utility. For this a good designer will help you out.

Lights and Decorates:

Lighting up a room is not merely a need but gives a perfect ambience. Chandeliers, lamps and what not each of them has a defined place to cover.

Lighting provides a brighter and lively feel to each and every corner.

LEDs have replaced the filament bulb and tube lights and it helps to keep the room temperature cool.

With these some decorates will definitely add-on to your rooms change over.

Decorates like some unique art piece can enhance the beauty of any corner you want to highlight.

For this you have to be wise and should have a proper understanding for art otherwise sometimes it can harm a minimalist design.


 The last but never the least are the plants.

Nowadays a designer gives its atmost importance to have place for plants in every room.

Its not limited to garden area only.

Because greenery is the best way to make a room feel light and it add life to every corner of the room whether it is living room or bed room or kitchen area.

So whenever you plan for a change in a room…plan space for plants.

Conclusions :

So, by doing the above important change over and making those tips in reality. You can change over your old room to beautiful and attractive new one.

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